What web design software can I use that is compatible with both mac and windows?

I am new web design, I am using smart space by Go Daddy but really don't like it. I would love to find the right web design software (studio) to use and then just upload to Go Daddy with a FTP client. Please help?


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My choice: Adobe Dreamweaver.

But I only use it as a visual guide. I write all my markup in "code View" and use the wysiwyg part Just to verify it all falls into place before testing in browser.

For that it's a great tool.


According to me, you can use Adobe photoshop or Dreamweaver. They are the good including features softwares which is very useful you to make interesting design on website.
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I am new web design, I am using smart space by Go Daddy but really don't like it. I would love to find the right web design software (studio) to use and then just upload to Go Daddy with a FTP client. Please help?
I strongly recommend you to start with Dreamweaver. It is really nice tool for develop website. I had recommended you because you can easily get help from official forum.
If your new to web design and a complete novice, and want to create your own sites , i would recommend you start by learning html and css, Most beginners start with a wysiwyg editor but then struggle when it goes wrong or they don't know what the next steps to take are ..

You need to know some basic stuff first, like div layout, do you know what a div is ?.. you will still need to know the basics even using a wysiwyg editor like Dreamweaver.

How will you know if you can place what div within a div within a container or whatever etc etc..

It's not just a case of putting something in a space and expecting Dreamweaver or what ever soft ware to do the rest.

My advise would be to start at w3schools ( http://www.w3schools.com/ ) where you can practice online as well as look at everything related to web design including html and css..

Take what you learn there and practice in Dreamweaver or what ever editor you are going to use.

If your looking for a quick site up time and very easy to use editing there is something called WordPress, this can be automatically installed on a site then edited from the admin area...

Check out WordPress.org, NOT dot com.. dot com is for blogs but dot org is for your site or business, there are theme templates you can install for free from WordPress where there are plenty .

Now i'm not saying WordPress is a snitch, it also has some learning but is very easy to pick up.
I agree with inkpad that you should learn some basics. I started out with basic html and html for making tables, java script, using cgi bin, etc. I'm not an accomplished web creator by any means, but it really helps to understand code when you get a bug, which can occur on any program. Updated software is much better than this (I learned DW3), but you never know. I still have to check coding from time to time and DW offers split screen and full screen views so you're expected to have some idea of what it means.


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DREAMWEAVER for anyone without experience Hands Down.

Being an experienced web designer I have to say I learnt with notepad and html, perl, jave etc.

BUT the very best program I have ever seen is dreamweaver for many a user, newbies, and a timesaver for experienced.

All the other editors have some, maybe many of the functions of dreamweaver but Dreamweaver does it all with a point and click.

Dreamweaver also seems to be very universal so what you see in one browser will work in others. My only gripe is due its ease of use, there is a lot of un-necessary code and spacing with dreamweaver, but once you have a website you can manipulate that to your level of experience.
Oh man, is that funny (really not funny ha ha) to hear you say: "Dreamweaver also seems to be very universal so what you see in one browser will work in others."

I love Dreamweaver and started with DW3 and html, java, etc. But I haven't used it a lot in the last few years. Maybe it's because I have not yet embraced CSS style sheets that I am having these browser problems. So far, the only browser my website works 100% as expected -wysisyg- is Chrome. Both IE and FF have some strange bug/coding problem as there are broken images, broken links, and tables that don't change even though the change has been uploaded and works fine in Chrome. I only wish.

I think it's time for professional help. Maybe. But I'm intrepid, so we'll see!


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Well I can only speak from experience and all the people I have seen use it love it, but personally you cant beat notepad. Im so old and sad I cant adopt these time saving features. Or maybe im just a control freak. Or just a freak lol :)
People are comfatouble with what they learn first i think..

People that lean expression web seem to think this the best, some that learn dreamweaver first think this is best, Illustrator or coreldraw ?, Photoshop or Paint.net.? Mac or PC?.

I just think that people will say " this is the best " because they learn it first or found it easyer to use than that other software.

For some one new it is quite a dauwnting task to take it in, and decide which to use to start with.. Everyones learning curve is differant.

Probably a bit of a contradiction here but as dv8 pointed out NOTEPAD.. and again as in my last post i would recd wcschools together with Notepad for beginners before shelling out on software .. yeh they can get free trial software which would be a good place to start as well before buying it.
You're right I think inkpad, that what you first learn to use is what you will usually like best. But as I said, I learned without benefit of Dreamweaver or any other assist program or templates. So jumping into DW was a joy, believe me. Still it was and is important to understand at least the very basics of the coding. I don't pretend to know anything more about javascript for example beyond copy and paste or in DW, point and click. A leap of faith it is Folkes. :cheesygrin:

That said, I suggest trying out several different softwares. I will always come back to Dreamweaver as it has so many capabilities, is easy to use, has coding views making errors easy to find, has debugging, will take an MS Office document and clean up the garbage coding in it, and as has been mentioned, has all these 'keep it simple stupid' point and click functions. Anchors are so easy to make when you can do this. But like I said, learn what the correct coding looks like for any of these things. You never know when you might accidentally mess it up. If you have a lot of anchors, etc., it could be a huge headache to fix if you don't know what you're looking for.