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where can i get the similar patterns like the one attached image ?

Looks like a collection of e-mail / internet related icons. Do a search and select your fancy - scatter / arrange on a document...

You can also try searching for similar icon brushes....

Whichever you decide to use, select a darker color for the brush and lower opacity or play with layer modes....
just to add on to what dv8-fx has said,

its quite easy to do this yourself, search what ever icons, brushes, images you want. and to make things quicker for you, in stead of putting each brush.icon or image down , make your own brush. create a document approx 500 px's square with a white background. Arrange each image the way you like the look of them , then save as a brush on its own, each time you use this new brush it will lay it down with the several images you used. This way will save you time placing each image down separate.
looks cool.Seems its the most popular now a days sees them on more web site layouts.
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