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Why does normalizing a smart object make my video inoperable?


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I am using PS CC 2019 on windows, I am editing a video that needs to be straightened, (as a smart object) having read that the resizing and straightening should be done only once and not again afterward it would make sense that this should be the last step and that all other edits should be done prior to making it a smart object because the client could ask for multiple formats for different occasions. I have two video clips running back to back, they both require some masks and adjustment layers (preferably before they are made smart objects) so before I put the time in, I wanted to be sure this will work in the order I want. I have worked ahead of myself without doing the other edits and I find that going to Layers>Smart Object> rasterize does normalize (is that the right term) the layers but I lose the video logo in the layer thumbnail and the video seems to now be a still. What am I doing Wrong?

Hope I have explained this clearly, thanks




Hi Chris,
I think there is some confusion on the steps needed to make transformations on your video.
It needs to be a Smart Ojbect and if you tried to transform that video Layer it will flag you saying it needs to be a Smart Ojbect and give you the option to convert (which could have been done manually too).
The next step is "not" to rasterize that Smart Object through the command you gave. You are ready to do the transform. I use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+T (use Ctrl+T on PCs) and the handles should show up to transform the Smart Object.
The video strip is still there just buried withing the Smart Object yet I think all the funtions of the "Timeline" window work just the way it is. So transform away and I think you are good to go.
If there are more questions (or this does not work) let me know. It works for me
John Wheeler