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Why is my text not sharp?


What should i do to get my text as sharp as possible when i zoom in? Is the problem the size i use when i begin a new project and/or should i save it as another file? And even there are so many differences in! Often i save as a JPEG but then there are a few options to choose?

Now they look not bad but as soon as you zoom in the image is messed up!!

Rich Rosery 2.jpg Multiculturelebijeen.jpg Luxury Logo.jpg


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What size document are you creating the type/text in? The larger the better...................you can always scale down.

Are you rastorizing the text at some point of your workflow? If so, don't.

Are you using Ps or Illustrator? Illustrator creates vector files and Ps creates rastor files that will always have some alliasing, especially on rounded shapes. If your using Ps, are you only using shape tools and the Pen Tool set to shape?