Will someone help me design my first and last tattoo?

Ok not only will it be awesome to have your work on someone else skin it would make me very happy :D lol I'mma give a few pics
The spokes I want like the one above
I want the feathers like this and I want the beads a light blue color. It is going to either be on my side or shoulder blade. Those are the only things that I specifically want done. If there is anyone up for it let me know! Thanks a bunch
We really need a go to post, explaining to everyone that ask for a tattoo design, that they need to go to their tattoo artist first.
Any Tattoo artist who knows what they're doing is going to first, need to look at where you want the design on YOUR body.
Everybody has a slightly different body shape and the contours fall differently from person to person.

Next they can properly take the design you want and draw it to fit YOUR body properly. This is just how it works, drawing on skin is a tricky thing, and your tattoo artist is the one who knows best how to do that, what will work and what won't.

For those who don't get what I'm saying, go to your local tattoo artist, ask them to design a web page for you or make a marble sculpture, and see what they say.
I agree with you fatboy and you are not the only member who has said that to someone requesting a tattoo. Paul does (or has done?) them and knows a lot about the requirements. Tattoo artists are artists andcan take an idea and transform it. I guess it is OK for someone to have an idea made of what they want, though the provided photos do that. Still, I can understand why someone would want to see if their idea worked at all before they took it to the tattoo studio. But I don't know enough about this topic.

How about a new thread to get some discussion going on what to do about this if anything.
I wasn't meaning to come off as rude or snippy, it just boggles my mind why someone would go any where else but a tattoo artist to have a tattoo designed. It's like asking your accountant to design and make your five tier wedding cake. :)
I didn't consider you as being either rude nor snippy. I think I know you well enough not to think that. But it looks like we may have lost the OP. I hope she went to her tattoo'er for advice.
I figured it was an old post, but I thought I would still write a response. Maybe someone else will read it and and think, "Hey! Maybe I'll ask my tattoo artist to design my tattoo." it's a novel concept but it just might work. ;)