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Windows 10 Home to Pro


Just by chance I was able to upgrade my Windows 10 Home Edition to the Pro Edition for free :shocked:

I recently purchased a new Laptop which came with a Windows 10 Home Edition OEM License, which is the standard for PC's and Laptops that you buy from the likes of HP, Dell and other manufactures.
When Windows 8 came out I purchased 2 keys for the Pro Retail Editions as it was only $40 per Key at the time from Microsoft, one of the keys I used for my PC which I upgraded to Win 10 when it came out. The other key I upgraded from Win 7 Pro to Win 8 Pro on my old Laptop which has since passed away.
OK tonight for some reason I decided to go to the Windows store which I must admit I never really use just to check out if I could upgrade my new Laptop to Win 10 Pro using my Win 8 Retail Pro Key and it worked
After about a half hour my Home Edition became a Pro Edition


So if anyone out there has a fully Legal Retail Windows 8 Pro key that they are not using and wants to upgrade from Win 10 home to Pro Edition try going to Windows Store and checkout the upgrade option
I have to stress that this will only work with Legal Microsoft Genuine Keys

Here's my Windows Genuine Windows check from the command prompt

Again I have to mention that this ONLY works with Legal Microsoft Genuine Keys and you must have a Retail Version of Win 8 Pro
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