Windows 8 are you ready?


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I was looking at the new windows logo, a bit flat don't you think?

I thought they would have given it a bit of a lift seeing it is the next gen version?

Windows-8-logo-300x300.jpg original.

wins8.png my remake.


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I have tried using Windows 8 Beta in our school...More like for mobile and tablets..I'm still using XP for desktop and Win7 for my laptop :p
I don't realy know much about Windows , only that I personaly have stop getting new versions of windows untill their more established and some of the bugs fix.. I got Windows vista... it didn't seem to be around long before windowns 7 was out.. i had so many problems with Vista it was unreal....I ended geting so frustrated with it i went back to XP untill i used 7 on some elses PC , even then it had been out a while before i was convinced it was OK...

I have been told from some one that vista was basicaly a trial version of 7 relaesed out to the public by Microsoft so any bugs that were reported were iron out before releasing 7.. Obveousley this can in no way be confirm or susbstantiated and should be taken with a pinch of salt...

However after my experiance with Vista i think i'l wait to see how the reviews go about 8 before getting it...


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I have Vista on a laptop and I hate it I like XP better if those were my only choices.
My desktop have Win7 and I really like it.

I'm not impressed with what I'm hearing about Win8.
I ordered a new laptop a few days ago with Win7, I made an intentional decisions not to use it.


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I was looking at the new windows logo, a bit flat don't you think?

I thought they would have given it a bit of a lift seeing it is the next gen version?

View attachment 23822 original.

View attachment 23823 my remake.
the whole idea of the logo is to signify their silly and hard to use "metro" interface, although i like your remake, it's no longer the "metro" style.

I tried (with an open mind) windows 8 for 30 seconds and immediately hated it. they are digging their own graves with this version, it's 100 times worse than vista!

back to linux!
When Win8 lost its start button then for me it lost its intuitiveness. Win8 was frustrating to use when I had to hunt for things that I normally would do in a mouse click or 2 in previous versions. Then there is the stupid app store or whatever it is called, it really must grind MS's gears that apple have this huge money making app store so MS have to bang it in this new OS.

On the plus side win8 does look prettier and is faster that previous windows. Once we get the hang of it I'm hoping it will be as good as win7.
I love 7....after starting in DOS, cussing vista and XP...I have ZERO problems, never crashed and with MSE It flies!

Norton really slowed it down....MSE rocks!
Windows 8 represents a flush down the toilet to everyone in my office. I bought a machine with 8 and set it up in the office so all the girls could give it a try.

Each time one would take some time to take a look at it, and that's all they did, would leave and go back to their offices laughing. One girl looked at it for a few minutes and tried to use it...she get's up and and says..never to return.

So, I called a meeting to discuss 8 and they all refused to use it...good girls!...I take the machine back to the big box store where I purchased it and asked for a refund...the guy shook his head and're the 5th person today to return anything with 8 on it, and that was about 9:30am.
you can get the shell for windows 8 that makes it look like windows 7 , gives back the start menu etc but you still have the windows 8 features if you want them

personally i didnt like it and will be sticking with 7

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I couldn't see any point in moving to Win 8 from 7, but I have it on a recently bought laptop, and I have to say, I quite like it. I like the just start typing thing, and call me shallow, I also like some of the apps. My desktop is starting to feel a bit cluttered and is not as sharp as it used to be, so I am seriously thinking about a clean install to 8.1 when it is fully released.
After having been one of the staunchest opponents of Win 8 (literally mocking and ridiculing its UI for a year or more), a few weeks ago I had to buy a new laptop. So, I bought a new one (with a touch screen) running Win 8.

It took me all of an hour or two to get used to it. Initially, I hardly used the touch screen for anything, but soon I started finding myself using it for simple purposes such as responding to "OK" vs "cancel" type responses to dialog boxes in programs with conventional UI's, and then to more advanced responses, selections, etc. I still don't use the Metro apps very much, and find the gesture aspects of the UI a bit silly (even ape-like), but it's no big deal -- I just ignore these and use the parts of Win 8 that I find useful / like.

The most telling thing about my acceptance of Win 8 is that now, when I'm sitting at my older, main PS desktop computer (without a touch screen), I find myself often jabbing at the screen with my left hand if it's convenient to do so. LOL.

Outside of the issue of the (partially) new UI, what I really like about Win 8 is that it absolutely flies (compared to earlier versions of windows) on even mid-range hardware (my new laptop is only a slow i5 processor with 6 Gig of memory). I am astonished at the speed of both cold and warm boots, love the built-in 802.11n (even though I had already upgraded to "n" and "ac" on several other computers in the house), etc.

I'm definitely not a "drink the Microsoft Kool-aid" type of guy. I'm much more in the "if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it" camp, but in this case, even without getting under the hood, it's obvious that the changes in the OS are a big improvement and the UI gives users more options. Now, the real question is whether or not over time, Microsoft will slowly start removing the conventional UI options and forcing everyone to only use the new UI. That *will* PMO (and I don't mean "project management office").

Just my $0.02,