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Would Appreciate It If Anyone Could Remove My Acne In This Photo


I ended up falling asleep in front of my computer last night and I didn't wash my face, woke up to a face loaded with acne! I don't know exactly what I have, it is some rash condition called Seborea while the only acne I have is on my nose and it breaks out sometimes after i shave. I usually have a lot less if I wash my face the night before, would it be possible to make my face clear in this photo? Also make my lips look 1 color, they are a little chapped. My wall is also cracked there, can it all be one color? I think that would be the easiest thing to do.

My previous requests were pretty easy to do I think, this one might be really hard, I would not know for sure since I am not skilled with photo shopped and I only used Photoshop a long time ago on an older version.