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would it be possible to remove the two girls from this picture?

And possibly reconstruct the part of my face that's covered?
Also is there any way to make the picture square without cutting any of me/my body out? For Instagram purposes
Thank you!!

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To add to what Gedstar suggested, the technical quality of the picture you posted is very bad. It's noisy, blurry, underexposed and has poor color balance in addition to the problem you pointed out, the girl obscuring part of your face. In addition, once the two girls are removed from that photo, there is absolutely nothing unique about it that remains.

The camera in any cell phone made in the last 5 years will take a vastly better photo than the one you posted if you simply walk outside on a nice day and have someone take a photo of you with it from about 6 feet (2 m) away. We will then be happy to trim it (aka, "crop" it) to be square.

Tom M
Unfortunately I don't normally look this good in pictures. It probably only came out decent because of the low quality. Trying salvage what I can. Thank you for your help.
You're being much too modest. You look like you photograph very well, but especially if u are surrounded by pretty girls, LOL, and the camera doesn't have to struggle in such dim light.


Tom M