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Hello all I am setting up a Age of Conan fan site at AOCflames.net - Powered by vBulletin. As you can see the theme is UGLY. So I bought a couple of themes that were made for WOW. Unfortunately I lack and skills in Photoshop and I can not de wow these themes myself.

The themes came with all the PSD files and fonts. I purchased the themes from https://vbskinworks.com/phpclient/browse_products.php?category_id=1, the two themes are the Raid Arena and the WOW. (posting this so you can see what they look like.)

I am looking for someone to change these for AOC. It is a flame site so I am looking for some flames to be added. Each theme can keep its own font doesnt have to flow between the two.

The raid arena one changes a little bit with some of the pics each time you refresh the page. I do have artwork for AOC but they are jpegs.

I can not really pay to much and I would be willing to credit you in the footer for the rework and link to a site you may have.

Please contact me at jonathan@dkpplace.com if you can help and a round about price thanks