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YOUR PHOTO THREAD 20130922a: Graffiti, street art, etc.

I haven't started one of these threads in quite a while, but thought this would be a good colorful topic, very different from the previous photography threads.

If you happen to be in an urban area and come across something like this, put it in this thread.

To start it off, here's a shot I took a week or so from a moving train using my iPhone. All processing was done in PS, not using any sort of phone app.




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I like how the trees shadow falls onto the murals trees, did you go for that Steve or was it just a point and shoot moment?
Steve it's plenty striking and eye-catching one! Awesome photography you promoted here love green trees, trees shadow, outstanding street art with plenty fruits.


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I loove Graffiti. It has certainly been a big influence on my art style. You don't get a lot of it around where I live. Not that I ever used to partake in it when I was young & impressionable *cough*.

Awesome thread, can't wait to see what gets posted.