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Zombie apocalypse

Hiya, I was wondering if anyone could take Alycia debnam carey's head, put it on the body of picture 1...Then cut Ali Larter (Claire Redfield) in picture two and place the both of them in a image with this apocalyptic background so that they are back to back? Also, could someone make sure that Alycia's face is in colour along with the rest of the final image since the one I listed below is indeed in black and white...If not then just do the entire final image black and white. :)

tumblr_nv3nyaFDlT1u6z754o1_500.png(Alycia Debnam Carey)

falltv3.jpg(Picture 1)

500px-REA_035.jpg(Picture 2/Claire Redfield)

163978-bigthumbnail.jpg(Apocalyptic background)

Thank you!
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