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    Designing a logo form my company

    HI. I’m pretty stuck at this moment. I have to design a logo form my company. It is launching a new brand, so we have a huge space for creativity and innovation.

    I had some thoughts in my mind which I communicated with my designer as well. But unfortunately, my designer met an accident, making him unavailable for a few days. Now the problem is that I have to present our new logo in a meeting which is scheduled in a couple of days. And since I haven’t ever outsourced my work, I don’t know how the entire system works.

    A friend of mine told me about various custom design services available on the internet. I goggled it, and I have finalized my choice to one. But since this would be my first time to outsource a project, I am pretty nervous if they would be able to pull the right job in the given time frame. Moreover, I wanted to ask about the mandatory requirements before choosing the best designer. I don’t have time for revisions, so I need to be sure before going for an outsourced work. Else I am doomed. Suggestions pls.
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    Re: Designing a logo form my company

    Hello and welcome to PSG.

    If you have already finalized your choice, then your committed to the services they provide. Unfortunately, without previous dealings with the designer, it will be a learning experience for you as you will have no control over revisions.

    Here are some good articles on the subject:

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