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Dear Jeff - just wanted to let you know that the photo you fixed for me as now appeared as part of this article and you can see it in the gallery at the bottom of the page. Thx muchly again!
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Thank-you so much! We very rarely, if ever, get to see the final result of our work. It was already a beautiful and heartfelt image - I just added a few tweaks. Best to you and yours - and especially those elegant doggos!
Your editor won't let me finish my message:
You know I would fix it myself, but I don't have Photoshop anymore. I'm going to go skip around the site and see what's up. I hope you're doing well. I love the blocks IamSam. Love, Clare
I sent you a PM. Check your inbox.
Hey there! I was just looking at an old faded picture a friend of mine posted on Facebook. Makes me squirm to see grainy, out of focus, faded pics. I thought about you and came over to check things out. I told her if she ever had a really precious photo that needed a little help she should bring it here. Maybe you'd know someone who needs the practice!
Hey, I just popped in. Saw Hoogle on Messenger and that prompted me to stop by. Been at least a year since I dropped by. I wonder if you'll ever even get this message. I miss our days on PSG! The energy was really up and crazy then! Take care, Clare; Once Upon a Time Queen Bee
Hey Hawkeye, I just dropped by to take a look and I'll come back later to spend more time. It's cool to see you're still around! Saw Hoogle today. He's who headed me back here to look around - I haven't been by in over a year. He asked me to say hi. He says he can't log in. I'm not going to speculate. Take care. Clare, Once Upon a Time: Queen Bee
Yeah, I still look in from time to time and try to assist people who are actually trying to learn how to use Photoshop. Unfortunately the site has become mostly a free work site. Nice to hear from you...
Hi Sam, I just popped in - God it's been awhile! I've been wondering if you're still here. I'll come by again and spend some more time perusing the joint, lol. I hope PSG has helped you keep sane during this past year. Love ya, Clare

I have been using PS for many years and could do this for you, if you send me the pictures I will send you a proof before payment...

Kind regards

Did a great job for me on a moderate sized creative project. Was always in contact and did great quality, fast work! Thankyou!
Hi admin, I am having trouble modifying my profile. When I go to hit Save it says " Oops We ran into some problems" and below that it says "Please enter a valid name. Any suggestions? Thanks
Thanks for the report. What are you trying to change when this happens?
1. My Location 2. About 3.Birth Year I had all of that after the upgrade then it disappeared. Thanks