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    how can i make a picture into a pixelated tile?

    remember in mario paint how you could make stamps using pixels?
    well i'm trying to make a tile pattern outta pixelated photos of paintings.
    i tried resolution changes but then the image size obviously gets too small to work with.
    sorry if i'm not clear enough on what my goal is.
    thanks in advance.

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    Not sure exactly what you're looking for because I've never used mario paint. I got a blocky/pixelated image pretty easily like this.

    1) image->adjustments->posterize (slider: 10)
    2) filter->texture->patchwork (sliders: adjust to taste, I used 9, and 8)
    optional step:
    3) image->adjustments->brightness contrast (sliders: adjust to taste I used -50, 20)



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