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Read This First Photoshop Gurus Site Rules

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General Forum Rules
  • This is an English speaking forum. Do not post in another language. Use an online translator if you must.
  • Please make every attempt to be respectful to your fellow forum members and to Photoshop Gurus staff members. You may not always agree with the views, ideas, or communication style expressed by other forum members or staff and that is ok, we want to have a free and open environment where diversity in opinions and discussion is welcome. We simply ask that you take a diplomatic approach whenever possible. Rude, disrespectful or disruptive behaviour may result in warnings against your account. Repeated warnings may result in you losing your account.
  • DO NOT post images or videos containing nudity, or links to 'adult' websites. This includes tasteful artistic nudity. This rule is not because we don't appreciate the beauty of the human figure, it is policy dictated by our partnership with Google.

Posting Links or Promoting Your Own Site
  • Personal links and self promotion are allowed, within reason and with some restrictions. You are allowed to post links to and/or promote your personal or professional website, portfolio, or other site related in some way to Photoshop or any kind of visual design as long as you have been a regular, contributing member of our community. This determination is at the discretion of our staff, but generally means that you are either an established member or, but not limited to, a new member that has followed the basic new member guidelines before posting links to your own content or engaging in self promotion.

Editing Your Post
  • You are allowed to edit the contents of your post or thread for 20 minutes after posting. Once that time expires, editing can only be done by a MODERATOR. If there's a need to edit your thread, contact a moderator for assistance or use the REPORT button (found at the lower left area of a post) to make the request.

Rules for Specific Sections of the Forum:

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