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    Guidelines for Free Image Edit Requests

    Note to Users Posting Requests:
    This is a forum where you can request free edits and get your images Photoshopped. Our website is primarily a discussion, educational, and training forum. The Free Photoshop Requests section is not a service we provide, it is a courtesy available to the public with the intent to serve as a teaching opportunity for our members. This forum was created to provide a place where our members could practice and discuss techniques if needed, on actual job requests. Asking to have edits done off forum defeats the purpose. You must upload images directly to your request thread. Please do not ask to have the thread or any images removed. If you do not want your images in the thread itself or to remain in the thread after the edit has been done, please don't post them to begin with. If you desire privacy and off forum work, then post your request in our freelance forum.

    Some of our members enjoy these challenges, others may choose not to participate. Someone may come along to help you out, but don't feel offended if no one takes up your request. Alternately you can post a paid request in the freelance forum.

    Here are some guidelines to help you get the best results:
    - Upload images directly in your thread rather than linking off-site to view your image(s).
    - Requests without accompanying images will be removed.
    - Use the highest available resolution/size images. It's difficult to work on low-res images.
    - Summarize your request clearly in the thread title and provide all necessary details in the post body. It's difficult to provide help if your request is vague.
    - Post your request only once.
    - Be polite. A graciously written request is far more likely to get responses.
    - Please refrain from sending Private Messages to our members for an edit request.

    We reserve the right to immediately remove threads involving:
    - Requests to create falsified documents or forged statistic images. This includes but not limited to passports, driver licenses or other forms of identification, certificates, car registration and title documents, bank statements, bills, receipts and invoices.
    - Requests of questionable legality.

    We may (at our discretion) remove or lock requests that involve:
    - Asking for unreasonable/numerous revisions, edits or additional requests to a work in progress.
    - Requests asking to have images of people manipulated into some kind of potentially embarrassing, legally questionable situation, or for possible ridicule in social media.
    - Requests for face swaps unless the edit involves replacing the face or faces with different but more suitable shots of the same individual or individuals in the image.
    - Requests to edit or remove existing trademarks, watermarks, signatures, or copyright notices from images that do not belong to requester.
    - Requests to edit or remove SnapChat style banners, captions or filter effects.

    Note to All PSG Members filling requests and helping in this forum:
    - If a request is posted, it is your choice if you want to participate or not.
    - No Troll editing. A troll edit is any edit that is intended to be funny based on a loose interpretation of the non-specific instructions provided by the requester, and not what they were actually asking for.
    - Negative comments about free work in request threads will not be tolerated.
    - Flaming the OP in the thread will get your post deleted and may result in action taken against your account.
    - Asking for money to do free requests is not permitted.
    - If you receive unsolicited/unwelcome edit requests via Private Message, use the report button to report them to staff.
    Last edited by admin; 10-21-2016 at 12:21 PM.

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