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    Slow Motion Bullet Shot Explosion

    This tutorial is in written and video format together. I’m going to show you how to design this really cool slow motion effect, using Adobe Photoshop CS5 , but We’re going to use any particular CS5 feature, so for this tutorial also Photoshop CS3 or CS4 are perfect, and tutorials is in the public only for 3 months. View Now

    Tutorial Details

    Final Product What You’ll Be Creating

    57 Steps Full of Videos and detailed images

    You need to have a graphic tablet, if you want to be a digital artist: working with a mouse will take the whole process twice slower and obviously lower in quality. If you don’t have a graphic tablet, and intend to learn how to Photoshop images, I strongly suggest you to buy a cheap one for 100$, wich works perfectly. For this tutorial obviously, you can also use a mouse, but don’t dishearten if the result is not as perfect as you imagined, it’s probably not your fault. In general, I suggest you to view this Tutorial with the purpose of understanding new tricks, new techniques, and how to engage a very long project with the correct criteria, instead of just reading and replicating the effects.
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