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Recent content by Altin Selimi

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    Wrap texture around object.

    Thanks for your advices guys. Here's what I managed to do. Even though it looks much better now, my customer told me the designer he used to work with used a different method, he said he used to make it black & white first but he's not much into Photoshop and couldn't give me any further advice...
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    Wrap texture around object.

    Yes the second one is the original. I'm completely covering the wall. It may not look right but it's what the company who does this kind of job needs (Giving their customers a quick preview of what their building will look like.) I'm using wavy sheets. Thanks for your reply.
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    Wrap texture around object.

    How are you making those shadows ?
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    Wrap texture around object.

    Hi everyone, This is my first thread asking for help but I desperately need it. I have these photos of buildings, and I need to make a preview of them how they would look if they were wrapped with currogated steel or steel panels. Up to now, I've tried this method: *) Create a shape on the...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello to everybody here. I'm glad to be part of this forum. I have been working with photoshop for 7 years now, and I can never get enough of it. I am seeking to make new friends here, help anyone if I can, and I will of course use this forum to ask any photoshop related issue I will encounter...