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    Specific Fingerprint Sqaures, Removal

    Not sure if this it what you mean, had some trouble with getting the perspective right so i added the photoshop file if someone wants to tamper with it.
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    My first try at digital art with PS brushes

    Ahn thank you, indeed i didn't pay attention to that for the shadows, which is an important point. Thx for the advice ^^
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    Restoration fix dicoloration

    Saw this was posted a while ago so not sure if you still need it, but i gave it a go either way :) I tried my best to fix it, because of the bad quality i can't do wonders but i hope you like it either way. Let my know if there is still something that needs to be changed.
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    My first try at digital art with PS brushes

    I had my first little try at some digital art. I used reference to draw over rookidee and found some brushes to test out for the background. I might have messed up some proportions with the trees and the flowers but i like the effect 😅 Let my know what you think and what i can improve :)...
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    Specific Backround removal

    Gave it a try, does look a little wierd without a background. but will be better when u add one. (added psd and png's)
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    Specific Country Ball request

    So you want the countrybal wearing the helmet?
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    Hello :)

    Hi guys, I'm a graphic designer student from Belgium. I work full time as an R&D lab-assistant but i feel like that job isn't for me, so i'm following an online distance education to get my diploma as a graphic designer. I hope to further improve my skills in photoshop on this forum and in the...
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    Specific From black-and-white to colour

    I tried my best on this one, not easy with the bad quality picture. Let me know what you think and if there needs to be something changed. :)