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    Exporting for Instagram Problem

    Well, this more than a 1-month-old topic but I decided to answer for anyone still looking for it. Instagram compresses any image down to a few KBs and it is not famous for keeping the quality of the image while doing so. From what I see, many things have gone wrong in your image specs that...
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    Work in Progress Anyone have any drawings or paintings in the works?

    Woah, that's a nice one. Still loading? I am gonna wait for the release. I wish I could paint like that. (
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    A rather impolite thing I've noticed on this forum.

    Depends I guess. Used to serve people that ask silly questions that rather could have easily been answered via a simple search. I think if the user is quoting any unique technical term that can filter out the results, something that's not obvious and rather unknown by the general public, it...
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    How could I recreate this face?

    There are probably multiple ways to do it. I personally would be playing with the Blend if tool. Basically, take the photo I want to display there. Then change perspective to match the angle of the arrangement of the chairs. Then play around with blend if.
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    Hello all

    Welcome. Hope you find new things here. :)
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    Humor I Drew Master Oogway

    And he looks so serious? (lol) Besides, I didn't give him a mouth.
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    How can I recreate the curve in this image?

    It did be better if you could highlight what exactly you want to reproduce. Here is what I do normally when I have a curve I do not know to draw: Make a new layer. Use pentool and draw over it. Then right click and click stoke path. You can also use the direct selection cursor to adjust your...
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    Resolution Crisis

    No. Your PPI (pixels per inch) does not change if you just cut the half of one image and paste it above the other half. The only thing it changes is your image dimensions. So your width or height becomes half based on how you decide to cut it. If you want to change DPI of your image. Load it...
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    Hey there, what's up?

    Hello everyone, I started with photoshop some years ago when I wanted to draw a couple of horns on my brother;). I am just a hobbyist in photoshop and I wouldn't lie that I am still pretty much a noob. This website popped up in one of my random search results and it looked pretty interesting. I...