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    Banner Art Needed (Paying up to $50)

    Soon as the attachment is approved and shows up I'll let ya know. =D
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    Banner Art Needed (Paying up to $50)

    Still looking...
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    Banner Art Needed (Paying up to $50)

    Hey no worries. For the intro I had a few ideas; dark screen, sound of a match being lit and slowly the logo fades in from the cigar as if it was lit, with a crazy laugh playing during. Another idea I had was like a curtain was being raised and as it raises a bunch of smoke pours from under...
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    Banner Art Needed (Paying up to $50)

    Still looking for a guru
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    Banner Art Needed (Paying up to $50)

    Hello Photoshop Gurus once again, I've been here once before and loved the outcome so I'm back hoping this will be two for two! Details : I am trying to launch my own youtube channel (gaming commentary/comedy) and I am in need of banner art that will go on a FACEBOOK page and YOUTUBE page...
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    PSG Freelance Designer Reviews

    Re: Freelancer Reviews I hired Confestium and got a sick logo in wicked fast time! Would recommend.
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    Logo Design Needed Paying $50

    Hello Photoshop Gurus; I am looking for a logo design for a guild of mine in WoW. The guild name is Shots Fired. Slogan either "Where the magic happens" / "Where DKP goes to die" or "Parental Advisory". The third option being the preferred. The website it's going on is...
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    Greetings from Canada

    Hello all! I heard good things about this place here and there (through the grapevine). Decided to register and see what the hoopla's about. Came here to find a photoshop guru to help me (hopefully) with a logo design. Hope to use this forum more in the future, so far liking it! Cheers!