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    Problems exporting .png files

    My problem is solved. Here is one of the file names; Wench-master-layer_0004s_0002_Burberry-Glasses.png The name of the main file is first, then 0004s is the 5th group, 0000 is the first, 0002 is the 2nd one, and the Burberry-Glasses is the layer name. Now i'll just have to edit the names...
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    Problems exporting .png files

    Thanks, interesting post and there are so many problems brought up in the replies. I have about 10 groups and 10 layers a group. I did try this suggestion: File>Export>Layers to Files and while it appears to be making PS go crazy, in my export folder it renames each layer...
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    Problems exporting .png files

    I am working on my first 10k NFT minting and using photoshop, and i have groups for all the different attributes; hair, eyes, hat, etc. Basically i am isolating a hat i like, and removing the background & erasing the bits of skin & such to just have the hat. My canvas is 1000 x 1000 px and using...
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    Howdy from Texas!

    Hi, been using Photoshop for years and now that i am back into making art, I'll be asking some questions! Good to be among the experts!