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    Specific Blues Shirt!

    Put the blues shirt on him please!
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    Specific Swap

    Take me and my aunt or me and my son and put them in front of the arch (not with the man). Prefer the one with me and my son.
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    Specific Removal

    Remove the guy from behind the boy!
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    Paid $3 swap

    Thanks:) paying you now!
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    Paid $3 swap

    Sorry, I meant without the dude in the picture! Lol
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    Paid $3 swap

    Please swap the guy out of the picture and me in to it. Thank you!
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    Specific Swap

    Can someone add me in my friend in one of the two pictures and remove the person in the photo? Thanks!!
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    Specific Person swap

    Can someone put the guy in gray beside me, instead of the one in the picture?
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    Paid Remove girl from behind me.

    Job has been delivered and paid for. Thank you though!
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    Paid Remove girl from behind me.

    Remove girl from behind me. Put a Cardinals tank on me. $8 to the fastest, but MOST real-looking.
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    Paid $5

    Remove dog, place us there. Please and thank you!
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    Paid $15

    Preferably done by today. I’d like to be wearing a STL Cardinals shirt in this picture! Some ideas.
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    Paid $5/per picture

    $5/per picture to place the little boy in three other backgrounds! Want the same 3 images, just different backgrounds.
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    Paid $15 (US)

    Perfect! I’ll PayPal you!