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    Pale image into glossy/ cartoon/ 3D

    Hi, I'm trying to update a collage but I'm stuck. Here is the collage: ImageShack - Image Hosting :: p4pkingsic2.jpg I want to add this picture: I've removed the background, but when I combined the pics, the boxer from the homecoming...
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    Adding a Hit Counter

    Wow, that's pretty creative. Great work Doc.
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    Hi from South Africa

    Greetings from California. It's my first day and I've already learned a few things from browsing the forum. Cheers, boxingbob
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    Name switch (in case you didn't notice)

    wow, that's a good feature. I wish other forums would allow you to change your name. cheers, boxingbob
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    Greetings from California

    Hi everybody, I'm from northern California and new to Photoshop. I never knew how powerful this software can be. Cheers!
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    erasing background

    hi I learned by watching this video Go to youtube and type in "Tutorial: Photoshop Masking and After Effects" It's the first one.