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    Specific Cigarette vanish

    you didn't ask but removed umbrella and beer bottle ... used GeneGraphics' edit as starting point. Also brightened his eyes a touch.
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    Specific Remove seatbelt please

    did what I could ...
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    Specific Change text and color of NBA Logo

    Not exactly sure what you meant with the orange-yellow ... my best guess ... could use some cleaning up
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    Specific Curtains Logo

    Lianli, help me help you ... what colors and how much brighter?
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    Specific need it changed

    My only critique is that the phone doesn't face the viewer (mirror), making it very suspicious as a photoshop image. No way that camera took this picture ... angle is wrong..
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    Specific Need hand removed.

    hope this isn't too late for you ...
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    Specific Miami Heat Style Font

    What is the name of this font? Mod Edit: This was probably not a font but a manipulation of the original logo.
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    Specific Make me hot

    I will join the others who have said that you are already "hot". No need to do anything, just be comfortable in your skin. But, of course, I can't resist an interesting subject and challenge. Here's what I did: 1. Made NO changes to color, lighting, saturation, or warping things that can't be...