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    Political "caricature"

    Truthful! nice job!!!
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    How much can you nyan?

    well I thought hell this is easy I could go longer but after 85 seconds I was done!
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    Which mouse gets the cheese?

    I have a logitech m305 on my main comp. My comp is old so it doesn't carry bluetooth. This wireless mouse comes with a very small usb receiver and takes 1 AA batteries. I got a few really high grade batteries and a charger so I always have a fresh pair on hand. The mouse is inexpensive and it...
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    Computer Help

    ok one final update for all to know. After I replaced the power supply everything is working too perfection. Finally!!! Yay!
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    Some Ideas

    oh I like the Grassy houses! where did you get those or did you make them?
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    Some Ideas

    Those are really good and give me some ideas the black dirt has to go though we don't have it, its red or sandy soil!
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    One of my wallpapers

    Looks like you have a nice family, I have a friend with 5 dachshunds. Personally if its a wallpaper sure its cool for you but I really like the guitar one that is well done. Is the shadow Jimi Hendrix?
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    Some Ideas

    Sorry fussing still but nothing hits that magic mark for me still.....
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    Some Ideas

    We do have a couple "show yards" I'm sure I could go out and snap some photos with my camrera. (not my husbands cell phone)
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    Some Ideas

    Well I checked the link and there are some great design ideas there so thanks for that. Since I will be printing myself I think a flat card is the way to go as far as a list of jobs we can do I would need a whole page to list them its so long!
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    Some Ideas

    Doney's Yard & Garden Service and our motto is Service is Job One
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    Some Ideas

    My husband and I run a small landscaping business. Mostly we do a lot of yard work (cut grass and we know how to grow golf course quality grass) for rich people who have second homes here in vacation-land where we live. Or people who live on the bay who want their yards perfectly groomed. We are...
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    I change mine a lot but I like dark backgrounds so I stick with dark ones currently I have this:
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    who does not like beer?

    cute and funny. It makes me thirsty!
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    Marble Woman

    Wow absolutely amazing work Marble Woman is beautiful and you will deserve all the credit you get on her. I'm jealous this is one of the best pieces I have seen in a very long time!