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    Make a PNG from a geofilter

    I'd like to be able to put this over different photos so if someone could crop and it and erase the space between the letters I would be so grateful, thanks in advance
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    Remove assistive touch button please x

    Hey, hopefully this isn't too difficult but I don't have any idea how to go about getting rid of it lol, any help appreciated
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    Recolour my top pleaseee

    Wow that's amazing gedstar, I love it but I wanted to keep it a little fuzzy so it matched the other, thankssss x
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    Recolour my top pleaseee

    That's really good, thankyou <3
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    Recolour my top pleaseee

    Hey, I need the colour of my top in the first photo darkened to match the one in the second (so it looks like they were taken at the same time) Thanks so much x