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    How to make this logo | South Supermarket

    Hi I am newbie and still thinking what font type is this for SOUTH Supermarket so that i can able to make high resolution. Please anyone who can able to guide me see attached file: Thanks
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    How to make design curled Ribbon in CS4

    Hi Goodmorning Is there anyone can guide me on how to make design curled ribbon using CS4? Im making an ID for Resue and Monitoring Group In the ID designed has curled ribbon which i need to insert it and put some text. please see attached for sample of curled ribbon thanks
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    How can I make an effect

    Hi Thanks I'll make two layers the first layer is the black and white second layer is the true colors. then i performed erase. but the only problem is in the hair of the two girls. thanks
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    How can I make an effect

    Sorry I posted two picture... waaaaaaa :) how to delete the 2nd picture. Thanks
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    How can I make an effect

    there are two little girl and i just want to remain in true colors while others it become a black and white.
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    How can I make an effect

    Hi what i mean is Black and white background not black color background :) thanks
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    How can I make an effect

    Hi I am newbie i have to post 5 threads so that i can able to reply. How can i edit picture to make it black color the background while the person or object in the middle still have a true colors. thanks
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    How remove colors to the hair with background

    Hi I am newbie in photshop i am using CS4 I have a picture with my daughter i just want to edit and replace new background but there some portion in the picture its hard for me to remove colors to the hair. i just want to retain tiny hair without erasing totally. I used pen tool to crop it...