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    Creating specific green parts.

    Maybe the OP wants to see the screendots from old printing machines. I added a screenshot of the filter I used. (Sorry german PS Version) This is my result.
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    Car accident

    Excellent work Argos! A big improvement to the first version. Now the scene looks really believable.
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    Need an Honest Opinion

    You've done a nice design job. But overall it looks much too busy. I suggest to remove the shadows from the type, or make them very small. To achieve a more professional look remove the Halo on the headphones.
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    Specific Blue skies - looking for help please!

    I approached the subject from a different angle.
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    Specific combine images

    Here you go.
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    Specific combine images

    I used some more suitable music notes here.
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    Specific Blues Shirt!

    This is my try.
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    Specific Can you make my shirt blend in more?

    This is a selfie of very poor quality, the eyes are blurred and out of focus. The face looks like you tried to sharpen the details, but as a result you just increased the noise. My advise is: Clean the lens of your smartphone and take another selfie with a shirt of your choice, possibly...
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    Stolen work.

    As a local artist I present my work regularly on Art Exhibitions in Zurich (Switzerland). The current exhibition from April 25th to May 16th shows 18 pieces of my artwork, printed on canvas and framed in different sizes ranging from 90x60 cm up to 150x100 cm. Each one is an original that I only...
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    Stolen work.

    OK...I did it! On both sites, Artstation and Behance I deleted all my artwork. Thank you all, you helped me a lot to do this important step.
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    Stolen work.

    So far I never had any problems like that. Though I have to do some serious thinking about this issue. Thanks inkpad
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    My First Graphic Collages (feedback appreciated)

    I like your work! I would call them 'Fantasy composites'. Just one thought about the lighting. Always check carefully where the main light source is in your image. All the different image parts you put together should have a similar lighting. Otherwise they'll never blend naturally. Example...
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    Old Dog willing to Learn New Tricks...

    Welcome to the forum. Don't hesitate to ask questions or show your work here. There are lots of helpful people who can show you some 'tricks'.
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    It's a great cyber fantasy compositing. Excellent work!