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    An officer and a gentleman

    Excellent work! The skin colors you created in your image are amazing.
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    Having trouble with creating a reflection for this image

    Maybe the layers help. Sorry my workflow is a bit old school. 1. Make a selection of the lower part of the bed. Copy/paste it on a new layer. Flip it vertically. Duplicate this layer. 2. On one layer delete the left half , on the other layer delete the right half. 3. The difficult part is to...
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    Having trouble with creating a reflection for this image

    This was almost a "mission impossible". I gave it a try with a back ground. And as SCTRWD suggested it only works with 2 separate distortions.
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    Specific Vintage image retouch

    Your printshop would print your poster in the colors like you see on my file. Orange-ish tint as you call it. If you don't want this color, I could easily change it to a more black and white-ish tint.
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    Specific Vintage image retouch

    Here you go.
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    Specific Vintage image retouch

    This is my attempt..
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    My humble tribute to the late, great Charlie Watts R.I.P. (Drummer with the Rolling Stones)

    Wow this is a fantastic painting of this great man.
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    Advice please: turning a photo into a technical drawing.

    Check these Photoshop actions please. Good luck!
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    Make my hair straight

    You never get an answer from this guy. He just don't care.
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    Smudge Painting

    This is beautiful and perfect!
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    Retouch Hair and skin color changing

    Could you provide a bigger image? This one is to small to provide a decent result.
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    Trolls Live Here!

    Can you make my some curly hair straight like other hair? problem!
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    Specific Remove person in back

    Hi Clare...nice to see you back here in the forum. Long time no see. I remember your many sophisticated advices to help our forum members. You've been a very talented Photoshop-Creator, and I always admired your ideas your stylish presentations. Remember the days when we used to have a...
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    Ready for holiday!

    Excellent PS composition with lots of nice details and a funny and humorous touch.
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    Trolls Live Here!

    Can you open my eyes in this picture Since you ask so nicely, I tried with a can opener. But sorry...your eye is completely empty!