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    Giving a Shape "thickness"

    Well I am not sure what the nasty marquee is, but what I did was do make about 20 layers and just shifted it down by one pixel. When I tried the down arrow method, it would move down by a strange number, not 1, maybe 3.x px? I have some others that I need to do. I realize now that I can...
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    Giving a Shape "thickness"

    I am still having problems, but this gave me a good idea on how to do it. Thanks!
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    Hello. I have been using photoshop for a long time, but am still a beginner. I am still on version 7.0. Most importantly, I wanted to let the administration know that their "random" question has last year as the answer still.
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    Giving a Shape "thickness"

    Hello, I am what I would call and advanced beginner with photoshop (version 7.0 :) ) What I would like to do is make this image of Louisiana appear to have some thickness to it. Can someone tell me how to do this? The closest I have gotten is by using a shadow in powerpoint 9also attached)...