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    Logo and header request for a twitter page

    Damn, spent a few hours on a nice design aswell.
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    Logo and header request for a twitter page

    Sending OP a pm regarding this.
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    How to do this? Jagged edged hole

    Great steps IamSam Must have taken a little bit of time lol.
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    Illustrator Need help designing vector logo for t-shirt

    Could use image trace to get the linework you want and delete the bits you dont want. Open the image > highlight image > Windows > image trace
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    UK newbie says hello!

    Welcome Rhia Hope to see some of your work sometime.
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    Suggestions on Logo

    The owl needs work as does the type. The spacing of the owl elements needs to be consistant. The straight lines of the owls brow needs to be more of a flowing curve in which the stroke in the center needs to be wider. I personally think your chosen font doesnt do the logo any justice. Stick to...
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    Odd Ghostly image.

    The image was taken in 2007, not sure if she has any skills in Ps tbh.
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    Odd Ghostly image.

    Owner of the photo claims the child had nothing in her mouth and was watching tv at the time the photo was taken. Hard to prove though as I wasnt there lol.
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    Odd Ghostly image.

    Got permission from my friend to post this here. There appears to be an odd ghostly arm holding the little girl under the chin. Sorry the image is small but does anyone have any ideas on what it could be?
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    Can somebody please achieve this effect with different letters?

    Not sure if its just me but I feel a little uncomfortable with the way it was made. The concept has been copyied straight off the original with a few minor changes. Being a logo designer myself, if I knew about one of my designs been copied like this, I wouldnt be that happy. Im sure a logo...
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    hello logo and cover photo needed

    Wish I had known sooner that you intended to do this yourself. Already do about 7 hours work on ideas and concepting.
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    photoshop tutorial suggestion for freelancer

    You will need to know more than Ps to step into the world of freelancing. You will need to be strong in Illustrator and After Effects. Most clients like vector files and animation. I am speaking from experience here. Good luck in pursuing you career.
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    Rebound Apple Logo (Golden Ratio).

    Yes sir, thats exactly what it is
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    hello logo and cover photo needed

    I will send you a pm regarding this.