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    Steampunk Submarine Prototype

    Wow, absolute fantastic (complex) work!
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    Steam Jet Buggy

    Awesome...a very good job!
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    Hi, I'm Marilyn. Color me like a Glamour Girl and give me a trendy background.

    Very cool stuff here :clap: I haven't any trendy background..but I have enjoyed
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    VW Factory

    Hi Chris, many thanks for your comment. It's hard to explain because my English is not so good...and it's lengthy. but take a look at file. Hope this helps! ...a shade lighter
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    VW Factory

    Another photo manipulation....
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    My Designs

    Hi, sorry, here are the images.
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    My Designs

    ...from last week I hope you'll enjoy it.
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    Old Barn

    Just4fun before
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    Frogman Island

    Hi Chris, thanks for your feedback! Here are the images. I painted the foreground (and some other parts) and needed some textures.
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    Frogman Island

    You're right, I can let my imagination run wild sometimes :)
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    Frogman Island

    Can you see it now?
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    Frogman Island

    Hi, this my first post here. I look forward to your comments. All other images are my own. MOD Edit: Removed link
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    Hi! I'm creator from Germany. I have been learning Photoshop by myself. I found Photoshop Gurus and it looks great. I use Photoshop CC and hope to learn a lot of new compositing tricks from you all. Thanks for let me in. Greetings :)