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Recent content by daveefarr

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    Help with Website Product Shot please!

    Hi all, I've been trying and failing to convincingly combine the attached two images with this post so that it looks like this bar runner (which in the flesh is 880mm long) is on the counter. Is there anyone that can help bail me out of a predicament as I need it for a website product shot...
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    HELP with Creating a Mock Image on a tapered mug!

    Hi guys, I need some help! Attached is a Photo of a Beer Stein. I've been trying to Add an image to wrap around it as a Mock Up but due to the conical design I'm having a bit of a nightmare. Can anyone help? I need it for a Product Shot for a website so it'd also be good to be able to easily...
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    Need Help Making a Product Shot into a Preview Image (for website)

    Good afternoon, I need some help please. Either with some guidance on how to achieve the result I need or (if anyone wants a challenge or has free time on their hands!) could do this for me? If the latter I'd still appreciate some guidance on what you did? Basically what I have is two Product...
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    Product shot

    Thank you! OK for starters, and I'm not sure what section to post this in. I am tasked with Creating a Product Shot for a website. I need to take a standard jpg image (family photo, group shot, just something fairly typical) and make it look like it's been added to the finished product (in...
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    Good Morning!

    Hi, I'm a Newbie to this Forum and although not entirely New to Photoshop I understand only the basics of such a powerful and amazing program. I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 for myself as well as (more importantly) doing some contract work (hoping to become permanent work one day) for a fantastic...