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    3D Has anyone had a chance to use the new 3D extened features in the new Photoshop CS6.

    I have not had the opportunity to use the new 3d feature in CS6 can someone please upload some examples.
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    Night club and event flyers made in photoshop

    out of all the graphic/web design projects i would have to save even & flyer design is my favorite.
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    Night club and event flyers made in photoshop

    another sample flyer this event never took place
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    Night club and event flyers made in photoshop

    Just some club flyer i made Photoshop rocks!!! submit yours
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    Hello fellow Gurus

    thank you, are there any thread or post about the new adobe touchscreen apps for tablets? how many replys do need before i can post?
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    Extensive Photo Restoration

    This is quick retouch i did of my grand parents wedding photo.
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    Extensive Photo Restoration

    excellent work how long did it take you to do? I do some photo restoration myself? i created a grading scale 1-10, 10 being the worst and i charge $10 per level. But this photo definatally would have been a 20 I would have charged them $200. I also just had a guy in who had a old picture of...
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    What font is this?

    there is a website called "what the font" if you take a snapshot of the the text and upload it it will scan it and tell you exactly what font it is it's a great tool for when you have to do a redesign and the client never gave you that type of info.
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    Free/Cheap Alternatives to Photoshop

    Re: Free/Cheap Alternatives to Photoshop Speaking of Photoshop express is there a thread about all the new adobe programs for tablets?
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    Brushes Techy Brushes?

    Type in deviant art in your search engine then once on the site type in brushes and you will find an entire library of great brushes. If want to have a entire collection of special effect brushes for Photoshop I recommend "Weaponized Photoshop FX brushes". Its a Free Bonus DVD from Urbantek...
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    Hello fellow Gurus

    I so glad to find a place to call home. Did anyone go to the Photoshop conference in D.C. recently?