Originally from the Philippines. Graduated at the Art Institute of Hard Knocks with a PhD ( Passed High-school with Difficulty ... shhhhh ... :D ).

Involved in Graphic Design since 1992 and presently a freelance graphic designer. My main tools of trade include Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign. And when all that fail - sledgehammer, pneumatic drill, wrecking ball, dynamite and bare teeth!!!

On the side, I love 3d modeling and rendering (using 3dMax, Bryce, Hexagon, Poser, Daz Studio). I am a member of various 3d forums including Renderosity, DAZ3D and Foundation3D.

A whole lot.....
February 22
Here... ?
Graph-Yeeks Die-Wreck-Tore



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