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Recent content by fogo00

  1. fogo00

    Specific change background and zoom

    Boku no hero is a great anime!
  2. fogo00

    Error problem in my 2020 Photoshop

    Anyway: here`s what I got: Sometimes Photoshop doesn`t want to open certain file types for no reason, just because of the way they were saved. If that happens, you can open the file in Paint or other similar program, and just save it again as JPEG or PNG. It could also be that Photoshop doesn`t...
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    Specific Face Swap

  4. fogo00

    Specific Take out balloon 2

    How`s this?
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    Retouch Adding color.

  6. fogo00

    Specific Edit background

    Happy holidays!
  7. fogo00

    Specific Finish textured photo

    more reds
  8. fogo00

    Specific Take off the logo

    two options for you my dude. Cheers!
  9. fogo00

    Specific Easy Fix

    sorry i meant this one
  10. fogo00

    Need help making paint splatter on wall look better

    Right beside the layers tab is the channels tab. There, you will find the red, green and blue channels, as well as the RGB channel, which represents the whole image as black and white. By holding Ctrl and clicking on the RBG channel, you will notice that photoshop does an automatic selection of...
  11. fogo00

    Specific Image editing and enlarge

    Here you go!
  12. fogo00

    Need help making paint splatter on wall look better

    P.S.: all layers except the original, paint and final adjustments must be used with clipping mask
  13. fogo00

    Need help making paint splatter on wall look better

    Ok, so here's what you wanna do: -Put your paint where you want it, and leave it at normal blending mode. to add some thickness on the edges, double click on it and enable bevel and emboss, and use VERY subtle settings (1 depth, 0 size, 0 soften, 14 opacity on highlight and shadows on this...
  14. fogo00

    Specific Image editing and enlarge

    I used a program/site called Waifu2x, which enhances resolution using AI for free. Next, i removed the background with the magic wand. To create clean colors, i created a new layer and set it to clipping mask, and then sampled each solid color and painted the whole area with it