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    number of measurement exceeds 700

    Hi and many thanks to you all for helping me! @MrToM, thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately an upgrade is not really an option at this point in time. Sure I have tried with splitting the analysis into several parts, but it is very time consuming. thebestcpu your suggestion to reduce...
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    number of measurement exceeds 700

    Hi there, I am trying to understand how PS makes it´s area measurements. I have images of pink algal crusts on a black surface and I use colour selection to select them. When I want to use the "make measurement" function I will get the warning that the number of counts exceeds 700. So here is...
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    new addition

    Hi everybody, I am new here and I might be a bit of an unconventional PS user. I am a scientist working on algae and I use PS to track changes of area over time. Most of my posts will in all likelihood be related to those kind of issues. Regards, hannan