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    Specific Photoshop logo req

    Can someone pls make a logo named 'from studets to students' u can name the logo 'STS' for example Ur free choosing colors. Good luck and thanks before :silly::inlove:
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    Specific Edit this logo <3

    Bruh.. thats exaclt what i wanted !! Cheers tho
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    Specific Edit this logo <3

    Thanx bro <3 but the name of the logo is a bit little can i get it bgger than that and also, is there a better font
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    Specific Edit this logo <3

    Can someone remove the hands in this logo I want it like this, and also write MJ Rose as logo name I'll be really greatful for the one who make it. :lovestruck2: PNG FORMAT WILL BE APPRICIATED ^^