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    Mask on text to remove part of it

    The following is just a suggestion. The best way to make this completely editable would be to convert the text layer into a smart object. Within the SO PSB document, you can use the Line Tool or the Rectangle Tool to create the lines which would be editable. Transfer them to a layer mask (as...
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    Mask on text to remove part of it

    You have to select the mask. You may be doing something else that I'm not aware of. You have to describe exactly what you are doing and what tools you are using. Once the lines are created on the template layer, turn the layer off, and then hit Cmd/Cntrl + click the thumbnail of the template...
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    Mask on text to remove part of it

    I can create a "Line Template" layer that can be selected and added to the layer mask at anytime.
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    Mask on text to remove part of it

    Hello and welcome. I have moved your thread to the proper forum. First off, you do not need a vector mask with text. If all you are doing is creating a "text fade effect" from the bottom of the text, you can use a standard layer mask. Here I have used the Gradient Tool to create the fade...
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    Specific Clear up old blurry photos

    Please start a new request on new images. Thanks.
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello and welcome.
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    Specific Needing help with Dispersion Effect

    One Roach dispersion! (This is on a transparent background) Screenshot on grey BG....
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    How long before I can ask for the same free request?

    You are welcome to create a new request in the Paid section but please don't "bump" your existing request or post a duplicate request in the free section. Please take the time to read the rules of the free request section...
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    Hello and welcome. You can utilize the entire forum and it's members as mentors. The most important thing for anyone learning is to ask questions! Good luck.
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    Hello :)

    Hello Jason and welcome.
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    Specific Colour a black-and-white picture

    You're welcome!
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    Specific Colour a black-and-white picture

    How's this?
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    Specific What am I missing? - Smart Object

    It would seem that you have only re-named the layer and not made any changes to the smart object. This is only a layer name. It changes as you highlight different layers. You have to double click the smart objects layer thumbnail which open the editable .PSB file. After editing, just save...
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    Polygon shape is grainy (pixeled)

    Your example photo (1000px x 628px) is low res and was also aliased. It was certainly a copy that contained artifacts. The original was probably much larger. It just appears better when viewed at 100% zoom.