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Recent content by jassendypags

  1. jassendypags

    Car Composite

    my critique will be the car perspective, tweaks a little bit of lighting n shadows and the background is a little bit low quality. that's all
  2. jassendypags

    Photo Manipulation ENCOUNTER: the boy and the last dragon.

    Hahahaha. You are right btw, it doesn't have a title cuz i don't know what should I name it. I only named it today cuz it need a title to post hahah thank you for your feedback.
  3. jassendypags

    Horse Manip

    hello. I like the whole concept, the mood and the color temperature of it. the problem that I notice( based on my opinion) are the lighting. the shadow of the horse is still not complete, like its not done yet. in addition the toe of the horse need a little bit of shadow on it. Just mind the...
  4. jassendypags

    Photo Manipulation ENCOUNTER: the boy and the last dragon.

    “Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.” René Magritte "ENCOUNTER"
  5. jassendypags


    Hello guys, thank you for having me. I'm here to showcase my talent and learn from the critiques here. I am still new in photoshop and hoping that in this journey I will improve.