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    Retouch Pocket

    Any better ? ... De-bumped enough ???
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    Specific Flatten poster

    Like this ???
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    Specific Glasses Glare

    How's this ??
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    Specific Can you move arround these words?

    You want any changes ?
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    Specific Erase Reflection

    I hope this good enough ???
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    Specific Recreate this shape

    Like This ???
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    Specific Remove Folder From Coffee Table

    The gradient tool won't work either. All are too much work and next to impossible. I Copied the good shelf right part to a new layer ... transformed (distorted) it to fit ... with some trimming. Added a brightness/contrast adjustment layer above ... and adjusted a little.
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    Specific An easy request

    How's This ?? As an icon file (ico) the size would be 256px max .... Suggestions ???
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    Specific Gift for My Wife 💘

    Another version to choose from
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    Specific Gift for My Wife 💘

    How's this ???
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    Specific Smile

    Perfect .... Thank You
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    Specific Smile

    Can anyone make it look like Ann is smiling ? She was before I pushed the button
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    Specific Please remove play button

    Like these ???
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    Specific Changing aircraft letters

    Can't get better than above .... Thanks Chrislef .... any suggestions ???