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    Like this?
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    How's this?
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    Stripes, blacked out chrome, dark glass... I like this better...hood stripes, dark glass...
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    Clothing Help!

    Will this do?
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    Yet another question, what effect is this?

    Re: What effect is this? Here's a tutorial about making slanted lines..
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    Fix white shorts from riding up

    How's this?
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    Take a break

    When you get tired and cross-eyed from working so hard at Photoshop, take a look at this. For more goodness, click on "NEXT" at the top left.
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    Advertisements on the board

    Thanks guys. I mostly block ads with my HOSTS file, but I hadn't updated it. Now I've run Malwarebytes and a new HOSTS file, so far all good. I never saw ads on here before so it kinda suprised me.
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    Advertisements on the board

    Maybe just me, but here is the latest When I refresh the "Unable to connect" goes away. Earlier there was a big green "DOWNLOAD" button plus other stuff. Maybe time to run Malwarebytes again :naughty: I just thought you guys were putting some ads on the forum. Weird.....
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    Advertisements on the board

    Am I seeing things or were there some displayed earlier today?
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    Need Logo created

    Just a couple of ideas about this...these are 1in. x 1in. pngs, no background...
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    Remove background-resize

    You're welcome. :thumbsup:
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    Remove background-resize

    Like this?
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    Colouring - Grand Admiral Thrawn

    How's this?