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    Would This Print Well On Apparels?

    Agree with @IamSam about giving your gradiated image a background because your gradiated tones will have something to be printed on and not directly onto the fabric, therefore reducing the chances of those little ink spots from getting nicked or whittled away during laundry and years of use. :)
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    Auction site rip offs.

    Could you also post about it [meaning, your predicament, particular items infringed upon] publicly to warn others? There are good sites you could use, such as a blog (Medium,* is one, for serious audience and good coverage)... ====== *I hope posting this isn't going to get me in trouble...
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    RAM issue when editing large images

    ...Agree with @gedstar not giving Photoshop all your RAM because your computer needs elbow room for other tasks. You could also adjust your History: the number of times you tell it to undo. The more you allot [via Preferences -> Performance -> History & Cache on my CS6] the larger your RAM...
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    Drawing tablet recommendations?

    Nice to see from @kjomhan of an alternative. However, being a Wacom user since the Graphire series (more than 15+ years now, with its hits and kinks), I would (obviously) recommend a Wacom, though. When working on tablets, you may also consider checking the sensitivity levels and how these are...
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    Drawing tablet

    Try adjusting the pressure sensitivity in the tablet's Preferences?
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    Yet just another Ps user... :)

    Thank you, @IamSam. (And yes, I have read the rules) :D
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    Studio Set Design

    As a former set designer, I would venture that the boxes with hands are a set up all its own, shot separately without the model. The "boxes" may not even actually have to be real individual boxes but an an "L" wall with protruding box-like structures decorated with ribbons and all. The model...
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    My first time posting! Here are two pieces of my portfolio.

    Clean and refined edits and composites for sure, these.
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    Would love some feedback on a musician logo

    Symbol, logo, icon—these words may be confusing to others but these days, are either interchangeable or allowable in the realm of identity. I would venture to say that it sometimes is not the tool (AI, Ps, etc.) that matters in logo creation at the start but what you want conveyed or what...
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    Yet just another Ps user... :)

    ...And glad to see Forums as this still up and running in the FB age. Happy to learn, and hopefully contribute as well. Kudos to the Admins and the best.