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    Paid Photoshop Request - £10

    Hi guys, I have a photo of my Nan with 2 kids, but I need the kids swapped over for 2 other kids. Please DM me if possible and ill email you the pictures thanks
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    What font is this?

    Can’t work out how to use that
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    What font is this?

    Cheers guys
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    Paid Photoshop hair - £2.5

    Paid £2.50 via PayPal Please photoshop this bob onto the girls head with longneck hair DM me if possible and I’ll send you the pics Bob PS onto this photo please Mod edit: Upload images directly to the forum or only provide links for interested parties.
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    Paid Photoshop head request

    £2.50 via PayPal Please see attached images. I need my friends heads PS onto the other heads Please DM if possible and I will email you the pics Thanks
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    Paid PS the photo bomber £5 PayPal

    Hi guys Need the bloke at the back photoshoped out so it looks real Please dm me And I’ll email you the pic Thansk
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    Paid Easy request - £3 via PayPal

    Hi Kyles I need the name of the floor changed to Will Doyle And the image resized to 1080px by 1920px. Please DM me if you can work this Thanks
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    Paid Make the leaves more orange £5

    Hi I need all the leaves more organge / red look. More of a autumn / fall look/ I also need leaves added to the trees on the left hand side. I don’t want it too look fake tho. Please dm me if you can achieve this and I’ll email you the HD PHOTO
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    Paid Can you make this photo more Autumny?

    £5 request Paypal Hi guys If possible I want more orange leaves on the left hand side. In general I just want more orange / red leaves But the main focus is the shoes I want the dirt removed off my shoes and the white line. If you are skilled enough PM me and ill email you high resolution...
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    Paid Hopefully a fairly easy request

    Thanks. Job with JJAPIN
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    Paid Hopefully a fairly easy request

    £5 PayPal Hi guys I need the below created With these images Please dm if you can complete and I’ll email you the pics
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    Paid Logo for new men’s wear streetwear

    Price: Please send me a price as I don’t know. English pounds Hi guys, I am looking for a logo to be designed for my friends new men’s wear clothing brand. Here are a few mock ups he likes. I am after you to make me a couple, of similar mock-ups, then I can pick the best one and I’ll...
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    Paid £5 PayPal - remove the text

    Thanks payment sent
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    Paid £5 PayPal - remove the text

    Thanks I’ve DM’d you