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    After Effects Very Basic Logo & Text Animation Intro

    I like it! AE can be a little hard to learn. Looks like you're off to a great start. Do a lot of tutorials :) I used Adobe Classroom in a Book AE. It came with a disk and really helped me when learning the program.
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    Photo editing help

    Ok thank you so much! My email is
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    Illustrator Working with poster sized documents?

    Yes, you have a very good point. I could have been more descriptive. I was asking the question about how the grain was being created and how much RAM to see if I could help further and be more descriptive. I wasn't sure what to say about the document until I knew how much RAM the computer had to...
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    Photo editing help

    I just don't like how when you look at their faces the one the right just looks to big. Well I guess I'll just have to keep them at different heights. Do you think you might could upload a higher quality version of the original edit you did? If not then I want to make sure I know what edits you...
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    Illustrator Problems with "save for the web" and Facebook upload

    I'm a photographer and I add photos to facebook for business. When I set my cover photo I usually use a photo that I had previously uploaded in an album at high quality. I've never had an issues with quality unless they changed something recently. Also as far as the facebook owning photos...
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    Illustrator Working with poster sized documents?

    What type of grain effect are you trying to accomplish? Also how much RAM does your computer have? I'm a graphic designer and I've worked with very very large files and just adding a background file and grain shouldn't make your computer work that hard in theory. My other work computer is pretty...
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    Illustrator How to start with Illustrator?

    You can just google Illustrator tutorials and there are some great ones out there as well as youtube tutorials. You could also invest in a teaching book like Adobe Illustrator Classroom In A Book or Adobe Illustrator WOW Book. Both come with a CD and are very comprehensive in teaching...
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    Illustrator Can this be done in Illustrator?

    Changing the blending mode could definitely help. Could you post an example of what you're trying accomplish so I can try to help a little more?
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    How do you go about designing logos?

    I agree with the suggestions above. Adobe Illustrator is a great place to start. I do occassionally have to us a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator but your main program is going to be Illustrator unless you want to use Corel draw. I don't know much about Corel Draw. I create logos with my...
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    Photo editing help

    Thanks for the responses! They are very helpful! Do either of you have any suggestions for making the two guys look more proportional? The son on the right in reality is about as tall as the dad on the left I think. Also the son on the right just looks to big. When I shrink him down to look more...
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    Photo editing help

    Hmm.. I uploaded the photo before I posted. I'll go back and upload it again.
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    Photo editing help

    Hello Hello! So this is a photo of a father and son.I was asked to photoshop them together for a birthday present. I was given the photo on the right to be added with the photo on the left. What suggestions do you have to make it look less photoshopped? I'm going to work on the background so...