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Hello! My name is Karen, but you can call me MentosCubing :)
I'm a transgender girl living in the midwestern United States of America. I'm 17 years old. My photo editing work can be found on my profile's activity log and on my Reddit profile (u/MentosCubing). The software I use is Affinity Photo, sometimes accompanied by Imerge Pro, HitFilm Pro 14, or the GIMP. I don't own Adobe Photoshop, but these things combined work pretty well for me.
I know a thing or two about video production as well, not just photo editing. I've also gotten pretty decent with OBS. Most importantly, I'm one of the world's best speedrunners of I am Bread. That's about all I'm good at.
I'm something of a computer mouse enthusiast. Currently I use a Logitech G502 with a Paracord mod and a Huion 610 Pro V2 graphics tablet. They're excellent.
Hugs to all :D Thanks for reading!
United States


I tried using a laptop trackpad instead of a real mouse once. It was awful.



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