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    Humor American Gothic but star wars

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    Liquify tool in other software?

    Just a note: that video was uploaded before the 1.9 update of Affinity Photo. It is now available as a non-destructive Live Filter :D
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    How to add more shine to leather/latex fabric?

    Here's my take on this. A bit of a different approach, which gives more consistent results and I think is more beginner-friendly. I use a different software, but I will adjust the steps below to make it work in Adobe Photoshop. First thing I did was duplicate the layer and select the latex...
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    Specific Miami logo to names

    I do am have stupid.... not technically a typo, as I HAND-WROTE it incorrectly :rofl:
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    Specific Miami logo to names

    Just a quick try.
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Details are sent! Update: payment received and job delivered!
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Good to hear! I'll DM payment details if you're ready to proceed.
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    Paid Logo recreation

    How is this?
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    Color matching a photo

    I don't like to use the lightness slider on the hue/saturation adjustment layer. It can give very odd and unnatural results. Instead, I would recommend a Curves layer that looks something like this: Other than that, I agree 100% with @Aakshat's response.
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    Specific letters

    I took @thebestcpu's work and had a go at tracing over it manually with my pen tablet.
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    Specific Need edit to make this image High-Res for Print

    Hello, I would be happy to give this a go. If you could tell me the names of the fonts, it would be extremely helpful.
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    Specific Simple meme photoshop

    A quick go at it. This isn't by any means perfect, but given the nature of this meme, perhaps it's better that way. By the way, thanks so much for choosing a hat image that already has the right perspective; some members don't think to do that. It's much harder to change the perspective of...
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    Specific Object removal :)

    Also, I gave this job a try. Couldn't get it quite to a level I was happy with, and I haven't even started with the legs, but someone else can pick up from here if they'd like :)