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    Actions Filename inside image

    Thanks all, this is great.
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    Actions Filename inside image

    Sorry the replies went into my junk. 1. There doesn't need to be a margin. The text could be right aligned at 0px to the bottom right hand corner (its just a reference code). 2. Any Arial typeface is fine, just so its legible. 3. I don't need to worry about a 'save and close' feature. I can...
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    Actions Filename inside image

    Hey all, I have been tasked with adding the filename of hundreds of TIFF’s into the image on a separate text layer. The text needs to be 8pt Arial and sit at the very bottom right of the image. Any ideas how this can be done. An action turned to a droplet would be really handy. I’m more of...
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    Hello All

    Graphic Designer here based in Manchester, England. Will be looking for some help into the more advanced parts of photoshop. Thanks. Mike