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    Just Messin'

    Again, thanks for your replies! :) Picarto is complicated at first sight but once you get into it it's fun to use. If you're into livestreaming, you should give it a shot. I agree that gaming is all about art, it's not really the games that bother me, it's the community behind it. On Twitch...
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    Morning Sky

    It really looks amazing for your first attempt. You should definitely try and do more digital artistry. What's keeping you? :cheesygrin: and why just stick to one thing when you can try out different ones? I believe that's what art is about, trying new stuff out :)
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    Just Messin'

    Thank you for your reply! (Or shall I say replies haha) Interesting that it just took an hour or so, I've never done animation before, but I imagine that this is the most time consuming part of the whole thing. Too bad you don't do livestream stuff, though, I would've loved to watch you do...
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    Morning Sky

    Is this really your first attempt on digital artistry? Man if my stuff looked that good, I would've been happy lol Anyway great job on that one!
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    Just Messin'

    I agree with Pipsmom, it is mesmerizing to watch :cheesygrin: it looks so simple but I assume that it wasn't as easy to do as it looks. How long did it take you if I might ask? I think I've seen something similar done before in a livestream on (a livestreaming platform for creative...
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    Help with coloring DOTA heroes

    I'm also not familiar with DOTA, definitely heard of it, but never played it. Are these playable characters?
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    improve image quality for better reading

    Funny thing is, that's also one of the first things I learned using Photoshop :) Seeing this really brings back some nostalgic feelings haha
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    Dropbox logo recreation Mashup

    This one's actually pretty clever! :lol: So simple yet so creative :yourock:
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    [Photomanipulation] The Abandoned Subway.

    I immediately thought of a scenario from a horror game like Dead Space or Resident Evil where you have to fight off giant monsters :cheesygrin: Would actually like this setting in a Horror game though. I just love the suburban style
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    Hidden fairy

    Love the colors and I have to say I was kind of irritated that I didn't spot the fairy right away, which I was going to criticize at first, but then again it IS called the hidden fairy :)
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    My first Fridolin Drawing!...I know right???!!!

    I love how you make the cars look so shiny! It actually looks like it has been polished, which is great. Didn't know those cars are used as mail trucks in Sweden. Interesting fact to know. How come you got one to do? Any special occasion for that?
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    Funky! I like the last one the best though, you got the lighting right on that one imo :)
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    Got Bored

    I actually lol'd :thumbsup: A good laugh is what I needed right now, thanks! Good effect, too :)
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    [Photomanipulation] Can't Win Against The Reaper.

    I agree with you, Deviantart is a great source for inspiration and I also like browsing through the different artworks there. Cool that you actually found a cool reaper artwork to work with!
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    Vehicle art: VW Bus

    Love how it has a cartoony look to it! Those sparkles really add something special to it and I like that :thumbsup: